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The weekly Kiddush luncheon is sponsored by families in the community, and because of their generosity everyone that attends Chabad enjoys a delicious lunch. We would like to open the opportunity for sponsorship to you, to sponsor and dedicate a Kiddush.

Sponsoring the Kiddush in memory of a loved one on the occasion of a Yahrtzeit, in honor of a family occasion, event, birthday or anniversary, is a wonderful opportunity to share your celebration with family and friends in the warm Chabad community setting.

As many families have particular dates that they want to sponsor and dedicate, we encourage you to fill out the enclosed form and choose the weekends during the year that you would like to sponsor the Kiddush.

May we always celebrate many happy occasions with each other for many years to come.

To reserve a Shabbat to sponsor a Kiddush, send us an email at [email protected].

Sponsor a Kiddush